The Birthday Party

Stories, Memories, + Histories, a photography exhibition, opened last week at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO. I am showing The Birthday Party as part of this group show.  Juried by Regina Anzenberger, the exhibition engages viewers in photographs based from stories and memories, both of personal and collective nature.  The exhibition will be on view through April 27th.  For more information, please visit:

AniaMoussawel_Happy Birthday

The Birthday Party, 2011

I use the child’s birthday as a point of reference to explore themes of family, memory, and loss. The piece is based from my first birthday party.  It took place during a period of transition and assimilation in my family’s history, merging Lebanese, Cuban, and American cultures. The work consists of an archival inkjet print of the birthday tableau and a 6:12 minute video that includes contemporary and vintage footage where I set up for a birthday party that happened in the past.

BirthdayParty003 BirthdayParty002


Video Stills:Video Still_Happy Birthday2

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William Wegman was a guest in class this week.  He spoke about his early video and drawing work and screened pieces from his DVD compilation, Video Works 1970-1999.  I love the work and the fact that his dog Man Ray was usually around, if not a collaborator.  So of course I can’t help but think of my dog Zooey and this video; I was aiming for this deadpan performance-based piece, when Zooey walks into the frame and interrupts the whole thing.  For me this was probably better than the project…